Battletoads Game Review

Battletoads is a Ninja Turtles-inspired arcade game that is well known for being quite difficult to master, but that is no reason to stay clear. In fact, this just adds to the game’s attraction. Featuring 8-bit graphics, the game is a video gamer’s dream in terms of visual and sound effects. This game offers a more retro, nostalgic feel to your gaming experience, similar to what you would get from a traditional arcade machine of the past. The game features Rash and Zitz mounting a serious mission on the planet Ragnarok to save Princess Angelica and toad member Pimple from abduction. The sense of fun and entertainment of the game is contrasted by the difficulty level as the game features some levels that even the most avid player would find frustrating. If you are a sucker for a challenge, then this game is for you.

Game Design and Graphics

While the playing level is more suited to experienced players, the graphics and effects will appeal to all. Battletoads is one of the most technically excellent games we have come across. The 8-bit graphics give the game that retro feel we all love from arcade games of the past, while there is a lot of variation in the special moves. The game is visually astounding while great background music ties everything together nicely.

Game Software

Battletoads is produced by Rare, a British video game developer that has been around since 1985. In its founding years, the company primarily concentrated on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games and created popular titles like Wizards and Warriors, R.C. Pro-Am, and Battletoads. Rare became one of Nintendo’s primary second-party developer and released critically acclaimed games such as Donkey Kong Country, Perfect Dark and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, to name a few.

Game Storyline

Battletoads boast many exciting features to help increase the action. Both main characters can transform their bodies into various weapons to help them on their quest and include giant fists, ram horns and spiked boots. The game features 12 levels, which can drag on for a long time but thanks to the great animations provided by Rare, players remained entertained and gripped to their seats. Because each level offers some new and different, you will never get bored playing Battletoads.

Positive and Negative Impression

Battletoads is one of the most popular arcade games available today, and with good reason. Its 8-bit graphics may seem outdated at first, but once you start playing you will be impressed by the nostalgic atmosphere it provides while still offering excellent and entertaining gameplay. The retro look and feel offers a sense of nostalgia and will therefore appeal to seasoned gamers interested in a challenging trip down memory lane. That being said, this game is geared more towards hard-core players looking for a challenge like no other. Some of the levels seem unnecessarily hard despite the almost juvenile look and feel of the game. At 12 levels, Battletoads is also a lot longer than many games you may have encountered before. There are not many extra lives to be found within the game while the four Warp portals lets you bypass a level here and there. Players have been known to give up at the Turbo Tunnel, the third level of the game. This says a lot about the difficulty level of the game itself. It all comes down to your determination to win the game as simple interest just won’t cut it. If you love a challenge, this game will appeal to you, although you will need a hearty dose of patience and be able to power though some frustrating levels to be successful.