Mighty Final Game Review

Mighty Final Fightwas originally released as a popular arcade game before Capcom took over to launched its 8-bit console version. During this time, the 8-bit console was a thing of the past as everyone was relishing the 16-bit or even 32-bit upgrade. Despite this, Capcom powered ahead with its release of the game, which proved, even to this day, to be a massive hit. While many felt the essence and excitement of the game could simply not be transferred into an NES cartridge, Capcom pleasantly surprised gamers around the world with an entertaining and faithfully recreated version of the original.

Game Design and Graphics

Even though the game features 8-bit graphics, the player moves are smooth and impressive and the attacks are perfectly animated. Despite the outdated technology, the animation is good and really adds to your gaming experience. Each character features its own unique regular and special attacks, which means you will have to play the game a few times before deciding on which of the three fighters are your favourite. The pace of the game is quick while the gameplay itself it simple and entertaining. The game captures all of the charm and personality of the original arcade game and is one of Nintendo Entertainment System’s must-own releases.

Game Software

The game is produced by Capcom Co Ltd, a video game creator that has been around since as early as 1979. The company has released some of the most popular video game franchises of all time, including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter. It is one of the biggest names in video game development and features subsidiaries in Europe, North America and the east of Asia.

Game Storyline

The Mad Gear gang has attacked Metro City and kidnapped Mayor Haggar’s daughter Jessica. Along with Cody and Guy, Haggar sets out to save his daughter from the clutches of leader Belgar. While this is not a complete retelling of the original game, it actually suits the game pretty well and adds to the excitement of the story and gameplay. There is a resemblance to River City Ransom or any of American Techno’s other NES games, so players are in for quite a ride. Despite some aesthetic changes, you’ll instantly recognise the Mad Gear gang, including its most infamous members like Andore, Poison and Two P. All three original main characters are available, although they are played one at a time. Guy is fast but weak, Haggar is strong and Cody is the intermediary between the two. The game features all the character moves from the original arcade version, which gives it a retro feel while still retaining all of its fun and enthusiasm. While Final Fight is definitely an innovative game for its time, it is simple by modern terms and will appeal to novice and seasoned gamers alike.

Positive and Negative Impressions

While Mighty Final Fight is a solid addition to the 8-bit gaming space, it does come up short on several key elements. Firstly, the game is short at just five levels, so while this will appeal to those with a limited attention span, it might seem rushed for the casual gamer. Another let down is the cast of enemies, which is limited compared to the original version and it can get dull fighting the same villains over and over again. In spite of some flaws, Mighty Final Fight was and always will be a welcome addition to the 8-bit gaming experience and remains one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Although Capcom could probably have done a bit more with its NES version, there is enough action and nostalgia packed into the tiny cartridge to provide hours of entertainment.