The Aladdin Review

It was in 1993 that the game Aladdin was released for SNES in the United States. Even though, three games were released at the same time, Capcom created the SNES version.
Disney Aladdin holds a special place in the nineties. The Genie is a favorite character of kids, who used to grant every wish of the persons who rub the lamp. The Aladdin game is one of the excellent action-adventure platformers. Let’s read on know more about this fabulous treat for kids.

Enter the World of Genies

The game tracks the film quite closely. You might remember the exact scenes of the movie while you are playing. What’s pretty interesting is that you will also ride with princess jasmine on the magic carpet. Whoa, it’s a lot of fun. However, it is a bonus stage and requires a lot of effort to reach.
There is no sword in the SNES version of the Aladdin game, so you have to use certain other ways to defeat your enemies. You can jump on their heads or just stay away from them. If you are feeling mischievous, you can always throw apples at them.
The strong feature of the game is the effective platforming essentials that allow the gamer to jump on the attackers, in order to conquer them. Even though it looks adventurous, you might need to check your timing in order to conduct such jumps.
The game follows the plot of the film, with a few changes such as a 16-bit brother. There are six stages in the game that will make you travel through the lanes of Aggrabagh to the Cave of Wonders, and finally towards Jaffar’s place. The game has a few interesting platforming elements, along with the original parkour master. In all seriousness, Aladdin can kill any professional parkour-er. Aladdin can also efficiently use the pegs coming out the walls to swing.
You will be greeted by a cute little monkey named Abu in the game. This cheeky monkey will help Aladdin from time to time to win the missions. As Aladdin, you will kill attackers, gather charms and make difficult jumps. Fortunately, you will carry a sheet in your pockets, to be used in order to easily land on the ground.
The main theme of the game is not very violent, and it is more fun. You are just required to make jumps and be smart, in order to get over your enemies. In the beginning, these jumps look complicated, but once you get used to it they become incredibly entertaining to do.


The most stunning feature of the game is the overall appearance. The creator of the game did a remarkable task to restore the locations, as seen in the film. The game also carries the distinctive look to capture the interests of gamers for a very long time.
The NES version is bright and full of colors, and so are the characters in the game. We are sure that the fans of Aladdin will hook to this game for hours. If you have not played this magical game yet, give it a try.