The Darkwing Duck Review

Darkwing Duck is finally available on Nintendo. This is just like Capcom’s other excellent releases, where Darkwing Duck is an adorable cartoon character who kills bad people. The plot revolves around the rogues who have set up a plan, and it is the responsibility of Darkwing Duck to safeguard St. Canard from the upcoming hazard. The background is attractive; the characters are meticulous and they move beautifully.

Plunge Into the World of Disney

As soon as you start the game, you will be welcomed into a fantastic introduction of the series. The eye-catching background and striking features of the game will definitely set you in motion. Then, you will be briefed that there are some rogues who need to be punished, and only Darkwing can confront them.
You will be able to select from the three stages in the beginning. After choosing one and learning about its description, you can quickly move to that stage. After you have successfully completed the three stages, you become entitled to browse other interesting stages as well. Altogether, there are seven levels of the game with lots of fun-packed adventures like docks, sewers and the downtown of Duckberg. When you have completed the first six stages of the game, you will be given access to the seventh and final stage, which is the trickiest one and offers loads of fun.
The creators of the game have added some exciting thrills, such as the Darkwing having the capacity to hang from ledges and attacking, using his cape. The game is easy to master and with some practice, you will see yourself enjoying it to the fullest. Furthermore, you will be able to play even the difficult stages of the game.
There are several weapon power-ups in every stage that you can use in the game. These include gas guns, gas bombs and a mighty arrow. You can employ the arrow for creating the platform, which can be used to grab the areas that are difficult to explore. Specialized ammo works to power all these weapons and you can find them lying around. It is worth noting that you can only hold one weapon at a time, so you should save one of your favorite ones, as they don’t come up often.
The Darkwing can also be sly, by hiding in his cloak just like he used to do in the television series. This ability helps the Darkwing to conceal himself from projectiles, without the need to jump away to safe locations in a hurry.
The disappointing things about the Darkwing Duck are that you might find some bottomless pits in which can be thrown by your enemies. There are a few locations where you might want to use you hang move, in order to steer across challenging locations.


The game is not very long, so you can play it in your own time. The background of the game is remarkable, with appealing sounds that help to keep your enthusiasm up to fight every level with high spirits. Anyone who is a fan of this cartoon series should definitely try this game.