The TaleSpin Review

If you are a nineties kid, you probably have grown up watching your favorite cartoon series, such as Goof Troop, TaleSpin, DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. In addition, you must have the NES version of these from Capcom in your collection.
Most of you may remember TaleSpin, which is a high-flying adventure cartoon series on the Disney Channel. The series was so popular that it was introduced as a NES version by Capcom. Let’s find out more about this exciting game in detail.

Revive Your Childhood Memories

In the game, you play a character named, ‘Baloo.’ He is the lovely cheerful bear that drives the flying boat, Sea Duck, owned by Rebecca Cunningham. You will get through eight levels in the game that will challenge you to haul your cargo to potential clients.
During the first stage of the game, the aircrafts of attackers will try to crash into you as you soar over the large water bodies with oil platforms. As you are just halfway through your mission, you will be confronted by the notorious air pirate, Don Karnage. He is up to all bad things, in order to destroy your happy day. You can’t face him though, so you escape his terrible shots by moving as fast as possible. You evade mortars and flying subs that are aimed towards you to escape. Once you have managed to endure all these mischievous acts, you will be face to face with the boss of the stage.
In this second stage, you will fly though a baseball stadium as the attackers’ steak missiles at you. There are many anti-aircraft guns that fires in lethal arcs. Sometimes, you are stuck in a tricky situation where you have to just move forward, and get squeezed together on the screen, or just get back to the nearest mine.
During the other stages of the game, you will be cutting through thunderclouds and killing tiny sharks before they attack you, while smashing in a haunted house which is taken by ghosts. The haunted house breaks into tiny parts when shot. You are also required to climb dangerous cliffs that are occupied by deadly snakes.
During the last level, bosses are mixed. In some parts, you just need to stand in one place and take advantage of their weak points. In other levels, more work is needed as you try to escape their deadly attacks, and move quickly across the screen. The city has a crane that fires a continuous stream of fiery bullets, but you can easily avoid them as they only reach a certain height. The game requires you to be incredible quick with your reactions, or otherwise you won’t be able to win.


The game is a bit short, but it is easy and fun for the experienced gamers. We like it because of it striking and colorful background. The songs included in the game are upbeat, and keep your enthusiasm intact while you are finding ways to escape your enemies.
There is a replay value in the game, decent fights and ways to build strategies. Even though there are a few flaws in the overall game, it is not the one that you should skip, especially if you have watched the television series.