The Tiny Toons Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland Review

A fun-filled amusement park was just inaugurated and the Buster Bunny gets the invitation. He never thought that this invitation was a trap, and so he cheerfully accepted it. Now, guess what? He and his group of friends have to defeat all the hindrances and to survive in Wackyland. Continue reading to find out more about it.

The Four Exciting Rides Make the Game Exciting

There are several mini-games in ‘The Trouble in Wackyland,’ and you can beat these missions in any random order. You are required to maintain your balance on a piece of wood, or leap down the risky waterfall. You also need to get to the train’s engine in a standard platformer or battle in a toy car competition, and so on. After you have achieved sufficient tickets, you can enter the castle at the back of the Amusement park.
The game comes with five diverse areas, with unique characters in each of them. The character ‘Buster’ enjoys the chills and adventures of the Funhouse. Then, there is a ‘Furrball’ who avoids “Sweetie” as he set out for an adventurous log ride. Many birds and lethal lifts will interrupt the Furrball, thus making the ride difficult for him. ‘Babs’ enjoys the roller coaster ride while ‘Hamton’ goes for a train trip. ‘Plucky’ travels in a car.
When you successfully complete all these rides, you will achieve a golden ticket, which doesn’t expire. After getting all the four, you can simply enter the fun house, which is the residence of your secret admirer. If you find it complicated to complete the rides, there is another way to enter the Fun House. You can do so by making use of 40 regular tickets; however, you will only get less than ten tickets to complete each ride, and this is time-consuming. So, the better option is to finish all the rides with some practice.
You need to buy tickets to enjoy rides. The players are entitled for points while they progress in the game, and they can use these points to buy tickets. In the game, you will find the rat along with other villainous characters who will try to obstruct your entrance. Various other exciting Tiny Toon characters surface every now and then during the missions.
One of the trickiest levels of the game is the Fun House. It is actually a network where you can stroll on the ceiling as well. You will be required to find ways in order to get ahead before the time limit exhausts. This can be a challenging part of the game. However, the solution is extremely simple and you will find it out sooner in the game. There are numerous other interesting moments in the game, such as fighting against Montana Max and dodging Elmyra. The fight with Montana and the real boss Arnold is a real excitement.


Although the game Trouble in Wackyland doesn’t leave a lasting impression on the gamer, it can still be entertaining to play. Sometimes, when you are not able to complete the rides, you might consider it a time waster; however, after you have got the hang of it, you will enjoy it to the fullest. So, we recommend that you give it a try, at least once.