Age of Empires Review

At first, when a player begins the game Age of Empires, they will probably get a warm feeling in the pit of their stomach. This game is like Warcraft having met up with Civilization and it actually involves some real-time building of empires. Of course, all of the game looks amazing, sharp and it just feels right. However, players might start to feel bad as they start to go further along in the game, and they will probably feel as though something is off with the game. To many players, this is not exactly the game that they were hoping for. Even worse than it not being all it was hoped to be, the game has some pretty serious problems.

However, when reviewing a game, one should try to make sure to review what the game currently is and not what everyone in the world was hoping that the game would be. Of course, everyone who has played this game wishes that the game was everything that it was intended to be or said to be, which it was supposed to be an exact mix of Civilization and Warcraft. However, it ended up being more of a Warcraft copy with just a little bit of the Civilization in it. Even though that may seem as though the game would be still good, it really is just an action-filled combat camp instead of being the type of empire-building and high-minded style of Civilization. Some players might find this description funny, but it is like having a Warcraft game played with togas, with just a little bit of depth added in there.

When players are playing Age of Empires, they will find themselves placed on a map that provides them with the world that has not yet been explored. Players will also start off with some starter units and they will be able to start the creation process for their empire. Every game seems to begin in pretty much the same way. Players will be able to start off the game with a couple of villagers and, of course, a town center. In this game, the villagers will act as the basic workers of the town and the town center in the game will help the players with building more and expanding their settlement. Like in many games similar to it, this game has placed a lot of importance on the villagers, making them get resources for the player, help in the building of structures, help with repairs and buildings. This game has four different types of resources that a player needs to collect: food, gold, wood, and stone. Of course, there is a required amount of each resource to build the various building and accomplish other things. All of this is done with the main goal of advancing the players settlement to the next age.

Final Thoughts on Age of Empires

This review of Age of Empires might seem a little harsh to the players that are reading it, especially for those that have never played the game but are only going based on the expectations of what it should be. However, this game really is nothing like what it should have been. All in all, this is a good game, but it really will be a let down to some players and some might find that it was not worth their time.