Baldur’s Gate Review

There are a lot of players who have been wanting a Baldur’s Gate review so that they can learn more about the game, but more importantly so that they can see if they want to spend money or time on it. There are not a lot of computer games that are based on the game Advanced D&D, which has been determined to be the most influential role-playing systems, that have been put onto the market over the past couple of years. The games like that which did make it onto the shelves in a store have not been very good products at all, having been described as being substandard. With those standards having set the bar pretty low for games of that style, it should not be too surprising that Baldur’s Gate (a game that is supposed to be the game that brings AD&D back into the gaming world in terms of computer gaming) has created a lot of excitement among players who were anxiously anticipating the game.

Although, some players have found it odd that there are quite a bit of role-playing players that are not die-hard fans of role-playing that have expressed their excitement of the release of this game. However, those players were most likely attracted to this new game because of the promises made by the developers that the game would be abnormal in terms of RPGs when it comes to the features, and things such as the graphics that were supposed to be detailed 32-bit graphics, 3D sound and multiplayer support for the players of the game. However, now that this game has come out, it has actually been a huge surprise to players everywhere that the Baldur’s Gate game is actually very addictive in its gameplay, the developers have paid great attention to detail and all of the promises that were made by the developers were not only met, but they were also surpassed by great measures.

Of course, there were many players who had expressed their huge amounts of disappointment in the fact that the BioWare Corporation was adapting AD&D’s turn-based gameplay and making use of their engine. There were a lot of players who felt that AD&D would not be able to be adapted using a real-time engine for games and there was nothing anyone could do except wait and see what would happen. Luckily for the players, BioWare kept with the game designing instincts that are built into their company, because there has never been a game like this Baldur’s Gate game.

Final Thoughts on Baldur’s Gate

Even though there were a lot of players who had their doubts about the Baldur’s Gate game, there are no doubts now. The developers of this game did an amazing job of creating the game and the game seems to be lacking in no areas, making it one of the best role-playing games in the world. All in all, this game might not be for all players, at least not players that are not fans of role-playing games, but it is certainly a game that every player should try at least once, even players that are not huge fans of role-playing games.