Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Review

Money has become scarce in this economy and that is why players have a hard time deciding which games to put money into, which is why they need reviews like this Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun review to keep them informed on the best and the worst games. Even though there are many expansion packs and also the sequel Red Alert that has been put on the market in the past years, the series Command & Conquer has not been able to go beyond or even been able to match the quality of the first. Of course, that means that players are sort of worried about the quality of the game Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, and this is especially true because the game takes input directly out of the original in the series when it comes to its inspiration and the game does this by taking the players back to the war that was going on with the Global Defense Initiative and also the BON. However, just because the company Westwood is not going to willingly take any risks, the game has taken no risk. What does this mean? It means that the players will actually feel as though they are playing the first game in the series, when they are actually not, making it a pretty decent game.

Of course, the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun game will certainly look familiar to those that have played the previous games in the series, even though the developers did do a great job when it came to making the graphics of the terrain look a lot better, even more sophisticated. Players will find that the realistic topography and also the colored lighting seem to have made the game’s terrain look and feel great to the players. Also, thanks to the weapons that tend to be on the explosive side, there are a lot of craters that have formed and bridges that are knocked down giving the terrain a more interesting look and feel than it had in the first game. Players will probably also notice that there are some other new things that have been added to the battlefield in the game, such as a resource called Tiberium and also some Tiberian mutants that will prove to be a huge challenge during the game.

Even though there might be a difference or two in the landscape of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, the games right-hand interface seems to have not changed one bit from its first appearance in the series. Of course, some players might find it annoying that the interface seems to take a lot of the screen space, but they will find that this does not cause too many difficulties simply because the game’s units are pretty small in comparison. Of course, this does not mean that players should fear that the vehicles or infantry of the game look at all bad or even bland because they look amazing.

Final Thoughts on Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun

The game Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun is a pretty fun and exciting game for players to play, especially for those that fell in love with the first game of the series. All in all, players will find the new design, terrain and additions to the game are unique and fun and they will probably find this game to be a thrill to play, and probably will find themselves calling this game a graphically enhanced version of the older game.