Half-Life Review

For many, a game review can mean the difference between saving a couple dollars and wasting more than $100 on a game that is no good. That is why this Half-Life review is so important to players. One of the biggest goals that developers have when they are creating a game is to make the illusion of reality, especially when it comes to the games that are first-person shooter games. With those types of games, the point is for the player to feel as though they are in the role of the protagonist. Unfortunately, there are a lot of games out there that have stuck with a sort of blueprint which actually makes the illusion crumble to pieces at every point in the game possible. Games have a bad habit of using text-based mission briefings and also using transitions that are just jarring to the level and weapons that are all over the place in the game making the illusion seem much less real.

However, the Valve Software company has certainly taken some time to watch and learn from the mistakes of other games. The result of them having learned from those mistakes is the game Half-Life, which has now become known for being the best revolutionary step taken within the genre. Making use of a series of decisions that were made in terms of design and art that were very subtle, the game has created a reality for the players that seems to be self-contained, very believable, and most importantly, very engaging to the players. Even though it may come as a surprise to many players of the game that there have been no games like this one in the past, it has become clear that any game that is a shooter game will now have to incorporate the ideas that were put into this game in order to even come close to being good in the eyes of players that are now becoming spoiled by this game.

Of course, as with most shooter games, the plot is normal, but it is considered to be more elaborate than the plot that went with the well-known game Doom. Players will begin the game as Gordon Freeman who is actually a scientist with the Black Mesa Research Facility. Gordon has become involved with some experiments that are considered to be very mysterious and dangerous. Of course, these experiments go wrong and horrible creatures have decided to take over the building. After this, Half-Life gets a little more complicated, however, players should wait and play the game so as not to have to the element of surprise ruined for themselves by looking at a review that goes into too much detail on the matter of the events that occur after this. Many players will actually find themselves thinking that this game is not that good of a game just because of the story that is told, but rather because of the way that the developers have decided to present the story to the players in the game.

Final Thoughts on Half-Life

Half-Life has opened the eyes of many players in a way that has never been done by any shooter game before. Players will feel a certain rush of excitement as they play this game and they will feel as though they are actually really there. All in all, this game does a great job of bringing fiction into reality for players and it is an amazing game all around.