No One Lives Forever Review

Now, players have thought for a short amount of time that first-person shooters had run out of ideas, but now, No One Lives Forever has come to the rescue of this wonderful genre. Just a short two years after the release of the famous game called Half-Life, this game that is very stylish and ingenious has come into the picture. This game is well written, has great acting, and it has become apparent that this game shall outshine Half-Life.

This game seems to have taken the enemy artificial intelligence that was thought to be very impressive out of the game Half-Life, the stealth applications that were able to be found in the game Thief: The Dark Project and the gadgets coming from the very famous James Bond game, GoldenEye. After taking all of these features from these games, this game mixes the features up into a combination and adds a 60s sort of setting with an amazing sense of humor and colors that seem to be from a totally amazing period in time. The design reflects the game’s ability to give a player a sense of really being a part of the game.

Even though many players might actually expect that the No One Lives Forever game has actually been inspired by something along the lines of Austin Powers, its inspirations seem to have actually come from just the same cultural and the comedy with the Mike Myers character. The plot might actually seem a little confusing to some players because it is simply hard to even describe, with it taking from everything, things like Avengers and Our Man Flint.

Unfortunately for players, the general consensus is that the story that the whole game is based around doesn’t seem to be particularly engaging, but it’s not too bad of a story either. In this game, the guys known as the good guys, aka UNITY, are trying to tear apart the plans that have been made by the bad guys in order to stop them from world domination. Of course, the group of bad guys is subtly named H.A.R.M. However, even though this may seem as though it is just a simple plot, it is actually the framework that the developers of the game have created in order to fall into line with the details of the game that are simply known for being absurd and hilarious at the same time.

Final Thoughts on No One Lives Forever

No One Lives Forever might have some problems that players might see, but those problems are easily able to be forgotten when players simply take a look at the overall picture of the game. This game provides players with hours upon hours of entertainment and laughs. There certainly was a lot of technical expertise that went into the design of this game and also a lot of creativity. It is believed that with this game, Monolith Productions has actually made a huge imprint in the world of gaming. All in all, it could be said that this game is amazing, has funny dialog and has a great design behind it, and even though it may not be the game for everyone, it is certainly worth a try.