Starcraft Review

It is not very easy to pass judgment on one of the games that many players said they were not able to wait until it came out. This means that some reviewers would probably not be able to put their prejudices away and not try to make someone’s opinion go a certain type of way with the game. There is one thing that is certain and that is that Starcraft comes to the market giving players a lot to look forward to, which would make it very easy for someone to say that the game was either very disappointing to all players or to say that it is the best game in the world. However, this review is an honest review and this game is actually neither of those things. While this game might be a well-crafted game it actually does come with some problems too, making it both great and bad at the same time.

This game does not go far from the blueprint that had been created by the games that had come before it, thanks to the developers and this might be a great thing to many players, however, it is said to be one of the greatest games to have gone by this gaming formula, at least that is what many players are saying.

Players will be happy to know that Starcraft gives them a lengthy single-player style campaign that comes equipped with 10 missions that are coming with the 3 different races provided by the game, which actually means that the game has a total of 30 single-player missions all in all. Players that have already played the game have found that the story in it is compelling enough for players to have wanted to play all three and make it seem like it was worth it. Players will also be happy to know that the difficulty of the campaign is tiered, which means that players will find that every campaign is a lot more challenging than the last one.

Even though some players might think that this would be an uninteresting thing to point out, it is actually the way that the game of Starcraft is able to steer clear of the problem of the games that are similar to it. What is this problem? The problem is that all of the sides are not the same. This means that players will not have to do training missions if they have already become a master at one of the sides.

Final Thoughts on Starcraft

The personality behind Starcraft really does help in making the game seem as though the shortcomings do not matter or are invisible for long periods of time. The game comes packed with so much life, with its campaign and its multiplayer options. This game certainly does bring a lot of excitement to the players who have tried it out. However, there are some players that find themselves a little disappointed after playing this game, and that is only because their expectations of the game were set a little bit too high. All in all, this is an amazing game that every player should try at least once in their life.