Theme Hospital Review

There are a lot of players out there who will just go out and buy a game without looking at a review of the game first, and most of the time, players wish that they had looked at a review first, so they wouldn’t have wasted time and money with a game. That is the reason behind this Theme Hospital review. Bullfrog has not has an easy time of things for a while now. The development team had first filed Gene Wars ( a game that turned out to be a very large disappointment to the gaming community) and then they developed the game Syndicate Wars (a game that seemed as though it was lifeless) and then they managed to not put into production the game Dungeon Keeper that players had been waiting for. However, they have now come out with a game called Theme Hospital.

Even though this game does seem to have amazing graphics and even a very good amount of imagination behind it, it does not seem to have been able to give players the goods that were promised to the players when it comes to the gameplay of the game. This game has said to instead be a field of frustration for the players and even provides some players with a feeling of angst while playing it.

This game is actually a follow-up game to the game known as Theme Park. The game acts as a God-game and makes use of a pleasing interface that seems simple enough. The players of the game will be asked to make a hospital that is able to stand up for a lot of patients that have gotten a wide variety of illnesses that seem beyond bizarre. The good hospitals in this game will all have innovative tools for diagnosing patients, X-ray machines, and Scanners. The treatment facilities in the game that are considered to be among the best, which does include some pharmacies and theaters of operation have the best equipment in the field of practice.

Of course, this game is nothing without the people who are chosen to run, keep the organization of and maintain all equipment that has been included in this game. The hospitals in the game that are considered to be the bad ones will not seem to be able to live up to the challenge that has been presented by the game and those hospitals will have to close their doors for good after they have managed to kill off a lot of their patients. Of course, the hospitals that are considered to be the best are the ones that have earned a good amount of money and helped out many people and those hospitals will get a lot of praise coming from the board of health.

Final Thoughts on Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital is a good game that does offer players some challenge, chances to make money, chances to help others that are in need, and, of course, rewards for a job well done. However, this game is certainly not for everyone and seems to have made a bad impression on more than a few players. All in all, this game is not recommended for players that tend to have bad anger problems or for players that just are not patient.