Golden Axe III

Golden Axe 3 takes the same standard formula of the original while adding two new characters to the selection, a variety of new and fun combos, as well as the option to choose different paths. However, unlike other games of its genre, Golden Axe 3 wasn’t able to make the best first impression, hence causing a lot of players to stop playing this game.

What is Golden Axe III?

Golden Axe 3 is basically the third and last instalment to the Golden Axe trilogy in the Genesis console. Although a lot of reviewers at that time gave the game mediocre ratings, it’s actually a really good game given enough time and patience. SEGA has definitely put in a lot of effort into developing this game, making it a lot better than the first two Golden Axe games. If you look close enough, you’ll find that the game comes with a variety of new features such as new moves and branching paths.

Game Progression

Like the previous Golden Axe games, the Golden Axe in the third instalment has been acquired by an evil villain that goes by the name of Damned Hellstrike. Hellstrike along with his evil minions terrorize the land, eventually establishing dominance all throughout. As the hero of the game, you are to set out on a mission to defeat Hellstrike and his minions, retrieve the Golden Axe, and bring back the peace that was once lost. You play as one of the four playable characters namely Kain Grinder, Sara Burn, Chronos, and Proud Kragger.

Design and Gameplay

The four playable characters almost have the same playstyle, with the exception that the damage each one deals differs. Your character’s energy is now displayed as a long health bar as compared to the previous game’s individual bars. It is also now possible to play together with a friend in two-player mode, allowing you to complete the levels quickly and easily.

Player and enemy sprites were noticeably improved and are way cleaner and more detailed than before. The problem lies with the backgrounds, with most of them having the same tiles repeated over and over again. Moreover, some of them are somewhat lacking in colour.

The music has a different style than the previous games, although it is still nicely done. You can find a variety of songs due to the alternate routes, with the selection ranging from good to great. Overall, the music is really unique and features some of the best soundtracks on the Genesis console.


• Two-player mode
• Interesting character progression


• Poorly designed backgrounds


Golden Axe 3 is certainly a more improved Golden Axe game. Due to the variety of alternate routes, amazing music, and a well-balanced difficulty, you can expect hours of fun gameplay when playing Golden Axe 3. If you’ve played and completed the other two games in the series, then you shouldn’t hesitate to give this game a try. Despite what the critics said, this game is easily the most diverse game of the series given enough time.