Pirates of the Dark Water

Even if you haven’t seen the cartoon yet, Pirates of the Dark Water is a side scrolling brawler game to take a look at. The game was developed for the Sega Genesis and SNES by Sunsoft. Despite being a traditional side scroller featuring light combat, you can expect the game to bring in hours of fun and exciting combat gameplay.

What is Pirates of the Dark Water?

The Genesis version of the game was released in 1994 and features a side scrolling gameplay. It features the main crew of the popular 1990s TV show who are in the search for the Treasures of Rule in order to eliminate the Dark Water and hopefully regain the fame and glory that Octopon once had.

Game Progression

Mer is threatened by the presence of the Dark Water, a foreign entity that devours anything it touches. In order to vanquish the Dark Water from the world of Mer, the protagonists will need to seek the Treasures of Rule to rid of the Dark Water once and for all. However, they need to find it first before it falls to the evil hands of pirate lord Bloth who is planning to use the treasures to control the Dark Water. Although the story is not that epic, it does make for some amazing backdrops for the battles.

Design and Gameplay

You are able to choose which character you want to play from the three: Renz, Loz, and Tula. Renz features well-balanced stats, while Loz is the strongest with high strength and Tula the fastest with high agility. Each character can also perform various combos while using main attacks. However, they are also able to jump kick, charge, and even use special moves while fighting enemies. There are several other moves which can be performed by using a combination of moves, all of which can be done with relative ease. Gameplay is like hack and slash, but the interesting level design would mean that you moving through levels are not as easy as it seems.

Graphic-wise, Pirates of the Dark Water features some of the finest graphics you could ever see in a Genesis game. The characters and backdrops are nicely designed, the animation is sleek, and the overall detail is spectacular. The music is suited to the game’s overall theme and does a really good job of getting you immersed in the game.


• Different characters to choose from, each with different abilities and specialization
• Interesting level design
• Amazing graphics and audio


• Gameplay might get a bit difficult


Overall, Pirates of the Dark Water is an excellent and innovative side scroller. The fact that you can play different characters, each with his own abilities and specialization, makes it a really unique game in its era. However, despite the game being a really excellent side scroller, it hasn’t been able to stick too long for its players due to the level difficulty which gets increasingly difficult as the game progresses.