Street Rage 2

Even with Street Fighter 2 being in the mainstream, critics were too excited for Streets of Rage 2. Although two-player beat ‘em up games weren’t that widely recognized back in 1993, Streets of Rage was still able to impress gamers by its appealing design and a huge variety of moves.

What is Street Rage 2?

Street Rage 2 is the successor the previous Street Rage title, and it’s got major improvements to back it up. There have been major improvements in graphics and animation, and even the gameplay has been made a lot better. Aside from the improvement in graphics and moves, new characters are also added to the game.

Game Progression

The game’s story is basically a continuation to the first Street Rage game. This time, Mr. X is back in action and has decided to kidnap your fellow fighter Adam. This time around, it will be your mission to rescue him and kick some bad guys’ ass along the way. With the absence of Adam, two new characters have been introduced to the selection: Max who is a massive and muscular wrestler, and Skate who is Adam’s younger brother. Together, the four of them sets out on a mission to rescue their kidnapped comrade. It’s basically a rescue-your-kidnapped-friend with no new twist to offer. However, setting the story aside, you can expect hours of fun and excitement as you beat anyone who tries to get in your way.

Design and Gameplay

The game’s graphics are a lot better than the first title. Each character features improved details and an even larger size. You can also expect better and smoother animations and backgrounds in game. The enemies’ appearance has improved as well, and if you look closely, you’ll notice their mouths open upon getting hit. And while the same characters and Mr. X look pretty much the same, you can notice an obvious improvement in their details.

Talking about gameplay, Street Rage 2 is available in multiplayer mode. You have a selection of 4 different characters to choose from, each with his own unique set of moves and strengths. You can expect an even wider variety of moves to perform compared to the previous game. Some of the more complicated moves were a bit harder to pull off but can be done with practice.

Lastly, the game’s sound quality matches that of the original game perfectly. In fact, some of the music in game was just imported from the original, although you can also find some major improvements to them. The sound effects were excellent as well, allowing you to get immersed in the game as you play along.


• Fun side scrolling beat ‘em up game
• Major improvements from the first game


• No save or password features


If you haven’t played Streets of Rage 2 or the previous game title, then you should consider playing it now. It’s without a doubt one of the best side scrolling beat ‘em up game you could ever find in the market. With the introduction of multiplayer mode, you’ll be able to play the game together with your friend for hours of fun gameplay.