Streets of Rage 3

Streets of Rage is back again in action for its third instalment, bringing an even better design and improved gameplay with it. Both Blaze and Axel have returned, as word spreads out that Mr. X is yet again plotting his evil plans. However, this time they are aided by Zan, an old geezer who has been bionically-enhanced for some nice whooping action, and Sammy, a short but fast kid.

What is Streets of Rage 3?

Streets of Rage 3 is the third game to the Streets of Rage series. This addition to the series wipes the floor with the other two titles when it comes to graphics and presentation. Axel and Blaze have both been beefed up, and the game’s visuals are easily one of the best in a side scrolling beat ‘em up game for the Genesis console. The game comes with the same formula the previous games have.

Game Progression

It’s the same old save the city from bad guys formula, hence there’s nothing much noteworthy about the game’s story. But since it’s a fighting game, you can expect the game to be not really story oriented. If you’re someone who’s in for the game’s story, you might be in for a disappointment. The story follows the same nemesis Mr. X once again plotting his evil plans. Blaze enlists the help of Dr. Zan to stop Mr. X from completing his plans. He also asks for Axel’s help through a letter. Axel and Skate then team up with Blaze and Zan on yet another beat ‘em up action against Mr. X and his thugs on the Streets of Rage. Well, it’s definitely the same concept with the other Street of Rage games – a nemesis pops up, and then you go on a mission to stop him.

Design and Gameplay

Since the game pretty much follows the same tradition of the first two games in the series, there’s not much you can expect about the Streets of Rage 3. However, compared to its previous games, you can notice several slight improvements to its gameplay. First, you’ll find that the characters now move quickly compared to the previous game. Moreover, you can even run (something which isn’t really possible in the Street of Rage 2 game). The controls are also made a bit more responsive. The level design comes with a good amount of variety in order to try to avoid having repetitive gameplay like what most beat ‘em up games have.

Graphics were also improved a bit, thus bringing you a crisper and detailed Streets of Rage game. The characters display more detail compared to before, along with the enemies and bosses. Although the choice of music in Streets of Rage 3 is really good, I believe it’s not as good compared to the second game.


• Interesting level design
• Improvements in graphics and audio


• Same old story over and over again


Streets of Rage 3 is definitely a good game. And if you’ve completed the first and second instalments, then you should consider giving this third instalment a shot. Despite having poor storyline, you can still immerse yourself in the game’s fun and exciting combat and gameplay.