The Adventures of Batman and Robin

The Adventures of Batman and Robin is a game which comes in various versions. The SNES version features side scrolling action, while the Genesis version is a shooter game featuring multiplayer gameplay. However, rather than guns, the two heroes use Batarangs for fighting their foes. In this review, we are going to talk about the game in the Genesis version.

What is The Adventures of Batman and Robin?

Developed by Clockwork Tortoise and launched back in the mid-90s by Sega, The Adventures of Batman and Robin is a run n’ gun game, which can be considered more than your average action game. It can be played by two players at once: one playing Batman and the other playing Robin. Both have the same level of playability and skills, along with the same arsenal of weapons and abilities at their disposal. The Genesis version consists of four levels with a variety of stages.

As mentioned, the Genesis version of the game is played like a shooter. Batman and Robin use Batarangs to beat up their foes. Also, each level is filled with various enemies which you should shoot in order to defeat them. But in the event you can’t beat them with your projectiles, you will have to either kick or punch them as they get too close. In some levels, you’ll also find yourself flying in a Batwing and taking down enemies as you move along.

Game Progression

Throughout the game, you play as either Batman or Robin and march your way through enemy-infested levels. You will have to use your Batarangs for ranged combat and kicks and punches for melee combat. The game’s story starts with Mr. Freeze planning to freeze the entire Gotham city. Along with it, he frees up some of Batman’s nemesis such as Joker, Mad Hatter, and Two-Face from Arkham Asylum.

The game’s story is typical and perfectly suits the game perfectly. It even has a self-explanatory intro and an ending as well.

Design and Gameplay

The gameplay is fun and exciting, and it’s geared more towards being a multiplayer than a single player game. The difficulty isn’t a problem at all as long as you mastered the basics and memorized everything as you move along. The difficulty is what makes the game fun even when playing it over and over again.

In terms of graphics, you can expect the game to be detail-oriented. It comes with an incredibly detailed-rich special effects as well as lighting. The game’s backdrops are exquisite as well which give them a 3D look.


• Fun multiplayer experience
• Amazing visuals


• Might be too difficult for some


The Adventures of Batman and Robin is a really good game to consider. Although some people claim that the game is very difficult and almost impossible to beat, it actually takes a good amount of time and practice in order to do so. Though not as popular as other games of its genre, it’s still one of the best game renditions of Batman and Robin of all time.