Tiny Toon Adventures

Buster’s Hidden Treasure is pretty much like any other side scrolling games of its time. It comes with a number of enemies to beat, platforms to jump, and several other mechanics that a side scrolling game should have. However, unlike most games of its genre, it has plenty of interesting levels to offer.

What is Tiny Toon Adventures – Buster’s Hidden Treasure?

The game is developed and released by Konami back in 1993. The game has been based on Tiny Toon Adventures, a popular cartoon show by Steven Spielberg. In this side scrolling game, you play as Buster Bunny and it is your mission to defeat Montana Max from enslaving your friends and stealing a huge bounty. Throughout your missions, you will go through various levels and areas such as volcanoes, caves, forests, snowy mountains, and more. Also, you will need to fight against various enemies as you make your way through. Lastly, the bosses you’ll get to fight are some of your brainwashed friends.

Game Progression

As Buster Bunny, you are to set out on an adventure with the mission of uncovering the secret that lies underneath the giant “X”. However, during your adventure, you will be up against Montana Max who will stop at nothing just to uncover the same secret before you. Max has even called for the help of Dr. Splicer to kidnap all of your friends. To make things worse, with the help of the doctor’s technology, they were able to brainwash all of the inhabitants at Acme Acres, thus making them your enemies.

In the game, instead of going around Acme Acres, you will instead be sent to the wilderness. You will go through various areas such as the mountains, forests, caves, and a whole lot more. As you go on with your adventure, you will end up fighting some of your friends who have been brainwashed. Survive through the adventure, and you’ll have a shot at fighting head-on against Montana Max and his giant mech suit.

Design and Quality

The game has a lot of gameplay features which you can find from Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog game. This means that the game isn’t really original, although it does come with a good number of content and features to make it one of the most enjoyable side scrolling games you could ever find.

The gameplay is solid and complimented by the game’s amazing graphics. You can also expect sleek animations and fantastic looking enemies as well. As the game progresses, you will notice the difficulty to rise from seemingly too easy to far too difficult. The music is also great, although the Tiny Toons theme song goes over and over again during the first few levels of the game.


• A challenging side scrolling game
• Amazing graphics and good quality music
• Fun bosses and gameplay


• Not really original
• Difficulty tend to skyrocket near the end of the game


Though not as great as you might expect, the game is still without a doubt a really fun game of its genre. Good graphics, music, fun gameplay, and fair difficulty makes it a worth playing. Though this may not be the best, it’s still one of the good games out there.