Attraction Review

A perfect game should be both entertaining and educational. Well, Attraction may not be educational, but it sure is entertaining. The game is quite vibrant and colourful, and its cartoony science theme is really attractive and funny. The game makes use of just Wilds for the gameplay, but, thanks to the added Magnet Feature, it becomes really interesting, as every spin can lead to very big prizes. If you like those dials and atoms, step into Attraction. And if you’d like to know more about the game, read our detailed review below.

Magnets and Coins

Attraction is one of the games that simply stands out from the rest. Not only does it have cute graphics, but it’s got an entertaining and engaging gameplay as well. However, let’s start with the graphics first, as is the custom with our reviews.
Like we said, the game has quite a cartoony feel to it, and a science overlay theme. The moment you start it, the game shows you a scientist’s room, setting the tone of the style of the slot. The game uses a standard 3×5 layout, with five reels holding three symbols each, the symbols are numbers and letters of the alphabet. These symbols also look like they’ve been made out of rulers, which fits perfectly into the theme. There are also other symbols in the shape of gauges of several kinds. There is also the Wild symbol, represented by a pink atom. The game doesn’t contain a Scatter symbol. Attraction is very pleasing to the eye, and the cartoony graphics make the game run smoothly from start to finish, even f when the animations firing up all over the place.
When it comes to the gameplay, the game is very unusual. As we said, there aren’t any Scatters, and there aren’t any bonus games either, and the only feature the game has are the Wilds. However, NetEnt really turned this feature into an asset, and the game now uses it to great effect. You see, when you spin the reels, a magnet appears randomly on the side of the reels, sending their beams along the rows or columns. If a Wild is caught on the beam the magic starts. The Wild turns into an election and runs toward the magnet, leaving Sticky Wilds in its place. If you get a hit then, you will be awarded a re-spin. This time, two magnets will appear, and, if any new Wild gets caught in the beam/beams, it will run to the magnets as well, turning the symbols into Sticky Wilds (blue atoms) and awarding you another free spin. This can stack wildly, if you’re lucky enough to get a Wild trapped into the beam on every subsequent spin, up to the point you’ll get a hit along all of the 20 paylines.


As you’ve seen, Attraction is certainly a game worth playing. It’s got an exciting gameplay and good visuals, making for a complete experience.