Dracula Slot Review

Vampires never get old – both literally and figuratively. Dracula is another vampire-themed slots game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unique. This game has some of the most stunning visuals, with a gameplay to boot. You’ll love watching Dracula disperse into bats and bring you coins while he’s at it. And the more you win, the hungrier he gets. The game runs smoothly, but the animations can be taxing to weaker devices. Anyway, go ahead and read our review, and find out what happens when you’re communing with Devil’s right hand.

Blood and Coins

As we said, Dracula is one of the best games in terms of graphics. This game is running in high resolution and is simply gorgeous to look at. The starting animation is really high quality too. NetEnt likes making those animations, to set the tone of the game, and this is one of their best. It depicts a girl running down a narrow 19th-century street with bats chasing her. She turns into an alley but falls, and there she’s caught by Dracula, after which the game starts. During the entire game, Dracula is actually sitting in a chair, staring at you angrily, and hissing every time you win. The larger the win, the angrier he’ll get.
Every now and then, the Bats Feature will trigger. This is an entirely random action, with no pre-requirements for its activation. When the action triggers, Dracula will turn into a swarm of bats that will fly over the reels. When the bats fly over, random symbols in a cluster formation will all turn into one random symbol. The symbols consist of a Lady’s head, Dracula’s head, and three more characters, all victims of Dracula’s bloodlust, as well as letters of the alphabet. There are three more distinct symbols, Dracula Stacked Wild that pairs up with Lady Stacked wild that take over the second and third reel, bringing you 10 free spins. There is also a symbol where Dracula holds the Lady close to her, a feature that serves as a Wild reel. This symbol only appears on the third reel. There is also a standard Wild symbol that is represented by a crimson W letter.
When it comes to the interface, the game is pretty standard, and you will feel right at home. There is a spin button at the centre, with Max Bet and Auto-Spin buttons being to the side further on the right is the coin value adjustment, and, on the left the level adjustment. This game plays along 20 paylines.


In the end, Dracula remains one of the best looking NetEnt games. It’s got really high-quality graphics, and the Dracula sitting on the side watching you is really cool. The game can be a bit choppy on weaker machines, but, if you’ve got a good machine, the game should run very smoothly. The Bat Feature is really good, bringing you a handful of coins at absolutely no charge.