South Park: Reel Chaos Review

NetEnt is always looking to bring your favourite shows to life, and this time around, they choose the most sarcastic and ironic of them all – South Park. South Park: Reel Chaos comes straight out of South Park’s Cthulhu saga where Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and friends dress up as superheroes and try to stop Cthulhu until Cartman betrays them and joins the High Priest of the Old Ones. This slot is one of the more action packed in NetEnt’s library. Reel Chaos has Wilds, Bonuses and Stacked Wilds, so anything could happen on any given spin. In any case, read on and find out in detail about the game.

Spin the Reels with Coon and Friends

The show South Park enjoys tremendous popularity across the globe, so it’s logical that NetEnt tried to bring it to life, giving the show’s fanbase something else to look forward to. As we said, this is a very action packed game, and there are plenty of ways you can win some cash. The game sticks to the original visuals, with all your favourite heroes from Coon and Friends.
Graphically, this game is pretty fun. The reels are supported by a background depicting the town of South Park, with designs mirroring the show. There are letter symbols, as well as the character symbols, some of which are Wilds. With that being said, there are several Wild symbols, some of which are not characters. Kenny serves as a Multiplier, while Stan is a Multiplying re-spin. Kyle’s symbol is the Overlay Wilds. The game operates along 20 paylines and has a standard five reels.
And now, for the action. Like we said, Kenny serves as a multiplier. When Professor Chaos (Butters) appears, he gets into a fight with Mysterion, granting you a 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier. With that being said, this only happens after a hit along a payline. Cartman serves as Stacked Wilds, and he’s concerned with capturing General Disarray, creating Wilds as he moves along the reels. Kyle’s Overlay Wilds are a random event during which Evil Minions pop up and Kyle shoots them to create new Wilds. Stan’s multiplying re-spin activates randomly too, during which time you will be getting a re-spin if you don’t have any winnings. While Stan is re-spinning your reels, you will get a multiplier. The reels will keep spinning until you get a win, with multipliers increasing for every spin that comes up empty.
Lastly, if you score three bonuses, you will see Mintberry Crunch fight various bosses. For every win, a boss loses one health, and for every miss, Mintberry loses one health. The spinning stops when either the final boss is beaten, or when Mint-berry loses all of his health.


All in all, South Park: Reel Chaos is one action-packed game with so many ways to win coins. Wilds, multipliers and free spins await behind every corner, which is why this game is so popular. The game offers endless fun, just like the show it’s based on.