Victorious Review

Rome has been an inspiration to people all over the world since the middle ages. The might of Rome was unmatched for over a millennia and was the centre of culture and progress. Among the people who found this ancient Empire as an inspiration are the developers at NetEnt. So, they made Victorious, a Roman-themed video slot. And, boy, is this game truly grand. Good graphics combined with plenty of prizes make this game very fun to play. If you want to know more about it, read our review below and see what kinds of things await those brave enough to conscript into the Legion.

All Paths Lead to Rome

Let us start by saying that Victorious has a staggering 243 paylines. NetEnt doesn’t have many of such games, making this game even more unique and glorious. Such a number of lines increase chances of you winning significantly. However, because of this, the game has standard game modes and symbols. The symbols are letters of the alphabet, Caesar himself, and Roman legionaries in several iterations. The game graphics look drawn, which in turn, adds greatly to the game running more smoothly. Not only that, but the game is very pleasing to the eye. Among the symbols are also Golden Wreaths and the Golden Eagle, Aquila, Rome’s insignia. The Golden Wreaths is a Scatter Sign, while the Aquila is the Wild sign.
While the Wilds act, as usual, scoring the Golden Wreaths does something different. Scoring them wins you free spins, three for fifteen, 4 for 20 and 5 for 25 spins. When you’re in the free spins mode, all winnings are tripled. There is also an opportunity to win a substantial jackpot of 1500 coins. To win it, you need to score five Caesars along one of the 243 lines. Be wary, this is not as easy as it may seem.
The interface is nothing you haven’t seen before. There is a simple roll button in the middle, like in all NetEnt games, surrounded by the max bet button and auto-play button. The game also allows you to adjust the coin value and the bet lines. On the farthest right is your coin counter, with the farthest left being the bet total bet value. The game also features a paytable button that allows you to see what kind of combinations are awarded.


Ultimately, the Victorious is a superb game with great visuals and excellent gameplay. It runs smoothly and has perfect sound effects. The game’s 243 lines are more than enough to score you a few coins here and there, but the real prizes are won through free spins. The game also offers a very generous jackpot if you manage to score more 5 Caesars.